Front Mount Install on a Galant VR4

I took a break from the Talons for a day :) to help a friend who has a Galant VR-4 do his FMIC. Plus, I have to represent a Galant every once in a while. He bought a Griffin cored FMIC and I had the pleasure of helping him and snapping a few pics while doing so. I am really going by memory on this one.

Remove the turn signal lights on both sides with a Phillips Screwdriver.
Under each side of the front end are 10mm bolts that need to be removed.
Remove the front grill.
Here we are making sure the front end is detached so no plastic comes pulling off with it.
Inside the parking light is a nut.

Here is a closer photo. Remove the nut on both sides and the bumper and front end pull straight forward.

Remove all connectors to the lights so you don't yank out wires.

Here is the bumper and front off of the car.
Remove the bolts holding the plastic to the steel bumper.

Remove old FMIC or Side mount.

That kind of looks like my 1993 FMIC. Heh.

Yours truly (me) grinding away part of the frame to make room for the new FMIC.

Wearing shorts and no sleeves is not a good idea when angle grinding. Goggles are a must. I still have nice scars on my arms from this project and when I did the 1993 FMIC.

The dotted line shows how much I cut away to make room for the new FMIC.
Here is the other side. We painted it to prevent rust forming on the bare newly ground metal.

Note now I am wearing pants (hehe).

I have to once again cut away to make room for the bumper to go around the FMIC.

I went through about 8 discs due to having to recut and not measuring correctly the first time.

Here is the finished product. Better not hit anything too hard :)

We decided to remove the radiator to avoid cutting it.

On the inner passenger side, move the wiring harness out of the way so you can cut for the Upper intercooler pipe to pass by the radiator (see next picture).

Now, time to make room for the pipes to pass through.

I took the cut to the bend you see on the left. A reciprocating saw is good for this. I happen to use the angle grinder.

Here is the finished cut. The pipe passes through without creasing or bending.

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