EVO 16G Install on a 2G Eclipse Page 2

Place the EVO 3 O2 Housing and gasket on and bolt it together.

The 2G O2 gasket does not fit correctly so make sure you order the EVO gasket.

Cover the new gasket with a thin layer of RTV (you do not want to clog the line so do not add too much) and put on the oil return line. You can use this 14B picture for reference.

Snug the two 10mm nuts to torque spec.

Remove the rear water line from the T-25 turbo.
I trimmed the bracket where the 10mm bolt was on the line to give more room and slightly bent it down. Place it as shown on the rear on the EVO 16G.

Take the T-25 front water line and place it as shown on the 16G. Cut the bracket off the line and slightly bend it to be away from the wastegate actuator arm.

Install new crush washers on both lines. You can use the T-25 Water Eyebolts.

Add anti-seize to the O2 sensor threads and install it into the O2 housing. You may want to replace yours if it is old now.

Place the turbo into the car and hold it up with a bungee cord or some other way. Reference old pic here.

Add RTV (light coat) to the new gasket, new bolts and new washers. Another old reference pic here .

Tighten the 10mm bolts to spec (not too tight) and go around the flange with rtv as you would using caulk on wood. Run a bead around it (see arrow) and smooth with your finger. This will help it not leak. I just checked mine again during the clutch install. Bone dry.

Using NEW 3/8" hoses run the new hoses to the water pipe. The back water line needs the same size hose as was there originally.

The front line to lower water pipe, you need to add some hose to this.


The yellow lines show trail of the front water line (return) and the white shows the back line (feed). Once again make sure the actuator arm can move and not hit the front line.

Add NEW crush washers, the banjo oil feed and torque the Eyebolt down to spec.


Taking a stock gasket, I shaved it down to match the RRE downpipe. You may or may not want to port match the comp housing. I did.
I added some RTV to the gasket and tightened the Allen head (you need these believe me) bolts down.
Now, add anti-seize to the 14mm manifold to turbo bolts.
Torque them to spec and later go back and check them after you run the car a few times.
Add all of the manifold stud bolts (12mm) and tighten in sequence (see shop manual).

Put the downpipe back on the car (19mm nuts). NOTE: the pitch of the EVO housing is different. I managed to use the DP brace that connects to the block (Two 14mm bolts I think). Look here for picture.

Basically I loosened the bottom bracket bolt and removed the upper bolt. This allows the DP to swing around some. Then I tightened the lower bolt down to hold it in place.

Here is a pretty pic from under the car.
Connect the J-Pipe to the Intercooler. Connect a boost source hose if needed to the preinstalled nipple (thanks RRE for adding this :)

Almost there. Make sue to plug in the O2 snesor plug under the water neck as it was.

You may want to add the heat shield. I did and it was quite a struggle since the EVO O2 housing is bigger, but I like my engine bay cool.

Add the Fan back, plug it in and upper manifold heat shield.

Enjoy the big power difference and fuel cut : P

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