SB EVO 16G Porting and Install on the 2G

Growing very tired of the T-25 I purchased a EVO 16G from slowboyracing and the EVO O2 from Conicelli's Anyway, I had to break this up in several pages. So lets start with porting pictures and comparison. Install page here

Turbo Comparisons

T-25 on top with 2G O2 Housing.

EVO 16G with EVO O2 Housing on the bottom.

Top is the EVO 16G inlet to turbine housing.

Bottom is the T-25 Inlet.

Top EVO 16G Compressor.

Bottom T-25


Porting Pictures

New Turbine housing. Note the step.
The step is gone and ported out. I found using WD-40 while porting helps a lot.
Same deal. That nice step.
The EVO Housing bolts would not fit the RSR downpipe due to the distance between the EVO housing studs.
Rather than cut the flange I carved the holes larger towards the flange ends equal distance.
This way I can be sure the downpipe and EVO O2 Housing holes are lined up.
I made a template of the J-Pipe (came with 2G install kit) and marked the compressor housing. I port matched pretty close.
Here is the turbine housing ported. I enlarged the wastegate hole and turbine outlet.
O2 Housing Ported and gasket matched (EVO 3 gasket, not 2G). The gasket for the EVO is made for this setup. I did put a 2G gasket on and noticed it did not fit correctly.
The 2G manifold unported. Yet another step the grind away. The die grinder getting a workout.
Finished. I ported it to match the 7CM EVO gasket.
The runners. I opened them up just a touch. When I switch to a 1G head, I will port them more.

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