HKS EVC-4 Electronic Boost Controller PAGE 2

Here is another shot of the stepper motor. This seemed to be a good dry, non heated pace in the middle of my pressure sources and wastegate.

Now for the hose routing. It is very important you use the sizes of hose specified in the HKS manual.

I used the BOV hose for the 4mm hose from port #1 of the Stepper motor (see 2 pictures down). Cut the hose. This is for a manifold pressure source after the throttle body. I did not want to use the Fuel pressure source for 2 reasons: The instructions advised against it and you want the hose to be as short as possible.

Insert a T-Fitting into the line as shown to the left.

To the left you will see the ports numbered as they are in the manual.

Now, go to the "mighty" T-25 turbo and remove the 2 stock hoses from the compressor nipple and wastegate. I rolled mine up and attached them close to the air filter....Just in case I needed to hook them back up for stock. I left the other line in the intake tube until I get the Injen or whatever hard pipe intake later. So it acts as a plug for the hole.

DO NOT disconnect the harness plug from the stock boost solenoid. (2 Wire harness I believe).

Referencing the previous "numbered" stepper picture, hook up the 6 mm hoses. Port #3 goes to the wastegate and # 2 goes to the Compressor nipple. Side Note: When I install the EVO 16G, I am going to add a nipple to the J-Pipe. That way I can use the same lines.

Try to keep the lines as short as possible and make certain they are clamped to the sources firmly.


Here is the stepper motor hooked up and ready to go.
A temporary mounting solution was to Velcro it to the side where I can still see it. This way I can easily remove it out of sight or unplug it and carry it with me.
Another picture. I am going to mount it in the console later. This will involve cutting so I want to make sure I have a spare console piece if "needed".

Now you can go out and setup the EVC-4.

Setup Instructions are here <<< Read this carefully!

To the left is a chart to show the conversion from Bar to PSI.

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