HKS EVC-4 Electronic Boost Controller Install

I could find no VFAQ on this. I bought it used and had no instructions. I found some online (not Eclipse specific though) and proceeded to ask folks who had them for tips on the install. If anything is incorrect please feel free to let me know. I did this using the T-25. I will switch to a EVO 16G soon. It should be the same idea though.

Make sure you Read the HKS Manual thoroughly FIRST Click here to View. The after install setup Instructions are here.

<<<<<DO AT YOUR OWN RISK! >>>>>

Here is the EVC-4.

The previous EVC-4 owner cut the harness and taped it back together. I decided to make my life easier and repeat this.

That plug is way big and would be a pain to get through the firewall.

Cut the harness. Make Sure you leave a good bit of wire to work with for reconnection later.

I wrapped it snug with electrical tape and around a piece of clothes hanger.

*NOT PICTURED* You should have a red wire and a black wire coming out of the harness (I Did, but may have been added by previous owner). If not, you can tap into the Red and Black wire of the harness with extra wires. Make sure this is inside the car. I connected the Red Wire to the cigarette Lighter (12V Ignition source) and the black (GROUND) I grounded using an existing ground by the stereo.

See my Bezel Mount Air/Lean gauge FAQ for pics of the cigarette lighter source wire HERE if needed.

Looking under the glove compartment (passenger side) you will see the main wiring harness. I pushed the hanger and harness beside the the main factory harness and through the firewall grommet.

Remove the battery (not pictured but easy to do). Removing the tray makes life a lot easier (4 lines show where the bolts hold it down). As you can see, one of my alarm sirens block the view of the main harness. Next pic shows it though.

The main wiring harness. The HKS harness and hanger poked through.

Pull the hanger through carefully (do not to tug the harness and damage it) and unwrap the tape. Go back in the car and yank the clothes hanger out.

Now, slowly pull enough wire to reach the stepper motor. The closer the motor to the turbo and boost sources the better.

Keep in mind you do NOT want it where it will be exposed to moisture or heat.

Once I had the harness pulled where I wanted it and enough slack, I coated around the firewall grommet with RTV to make sure it was sealed.

I tucked the harness along these lines and out of the way of the battery.

Once the end of the harness is where you want it, reattach the plug wire by wire. Solder them together (or whatever) and tape EACH WIRE with electrical tape so they do not touch each other and short something out.

The dotted arrow shows the harness plug. The solid arrow shows where I mounted the stepper motor. Above the clutch line and under the BOV. There was a hole already there.