2G Gauge Install Page 2


Here is a good spot to run the hose and wires through.
Remove the 2 screws that hold the plastic cover to the car (arrows) on the console.
Run the Air Fuel wire through the same spot in the dash other side.
The cigarette lighter 12V wire makes a great on/off 12V source with turning on the key. Use a Multimeter to test. Mine was a blue wire.
Connect the red wire from the gauge to the blue wire.
Ground the black wire firmly to bare metal.

(See VFAQ {Electrical} wiring for 2G ECU). Find wire number 76. Diagram below.
Disconnect the harness to make it easier to work on (Keep in mind the battery is still disconnected).

Here is a diagram of the 2G ECU wiring. Looking at it as if the wires are coming out at you (Same as the pictures above). Tap into the Yellow highlighted wire (NO. 76).

Strip back some insulation and attach the purple wire from the air fuel gauge.

Solder it and tape it up. Now wrap the rest of the wires in tape and plug back in.

The air lean is connected. When you crank it up, give it time to work. A few minutes.

Put the nut and other piece on the vacuum hose.
Snug down the fitting securely to the gauge.
Put the vacuum line into the fitting and tighten the nut.

Now, In order to avoid scratching the dash glass, I had to trim the inside bolts on the gauge to lower than the bezel mount.

I added tape as well to ensure no scratching of glass.
Place the two plastic clips into the dash as shown. These come with the Bezel mount.
Place the mount in and snug the 2 lower screws leaving a little room to get the final two in.

Insert the top 2 screws and tighten all of them.

DO not over tighten the 2 lower screws. It will pull the clips from the dash.

Finished product.
Another shot. Looks good to me.