Fix That Broken Battery Bolt

The bolt that holds the battery bracket to the car likes to break. Here is how I fixed it.

Start with a small drill bit and center it to the broken bolt. Drill it down and through. Just far enough to go past the tip of the old bolt.

Move up to a higher drill size and make sure it is small enough so it does not hit the threads on the car. This leaves some of the old bolt in around the threads.

I used a 6mm x 1.00 Pitch Tap (please double check as I am going by memory here).

Tap it down into the hole applying pressure. This will remove the remains of the old bolt and make the threads you need for the new one.

I ended up doing this for the bolts that hold on the passenger headlight on as well. This should work for all the bolts that connect to the body of the car that have a 10mm head.

I used an extra bolt I had from the transmission filter kit. 10mm head.
There is the new hole ready for the bolt.

I added a washer and tightened it down. Be sure to not tighten too much or you will repeat the process above. Basically, the bolt just needs to be snug and the other side provides the tension to hold the battery in place.

Now that battery won't move around during your launches!!