My 2G Upgrade Page

I say "I'm gonna leave this car stock". Well some things you just have to fix. This was all done in the first 4 months.

I have sorted the mods with their own pages. I will add more as I get time:

SB EVO 16G Turbo Install and Porting.

Air Filter/Air box hack/ snorkel cut out

BOV Dump Tube Mod

PCV Valve

BCS restrictor removal

UICP and Greddy BOV Page1 Page2

Bezel Gauges Install

HKS EVC-4 Boost Controller

RS*R Exhaust Pictures

B&M Short Throw Shifter <<< Coming soon

Clutch Master 2500 LB. Pressure plate and stage 1 Disc.

Lightened (15Lb.) OEM flywheel.

Misc. Stuff Below:

Here is the engine from the 1998 when I brought it home (11.30.02). Just in case you forget what bone stock looks like.

I added button head stainless hardware as my first "mod". They were free :)

My engine as of 03.20.03. Just a few "extras" (so far). Changed to the hex head bolts when changing valve cover. SO much for the first mod :)

Changed those weird dual tipped stock plugs to NGK BPR6ES and Added Techron (good stuff) to clean the gas. PCV valve.

I added BG Syncro Shift 2 to the transmission. The pump on the right I picked up from an auto parts store for under 20 bucks.. Great tool. It sucks the fluid in and you squirt it through the hose into the gear box. I suggest one of these of filling fluids. Especially under the car.

I also did the transfer case/ rear diff (Red Line Shockproof) and the engine oil. I scrapped the small filter and used a 1G OEM Mitsubishi filter.