2G UICP and BOV Page 2


Removed the 12mm IC bolts.

The plastic piece under the pipe, I took a bolt out to move it out of the way.

To take the IC loose and plastic is at most 4 bolts. It will save you some time if you do this. Also, you do not Risk bending the IC tabs.

Place the coupler on the turbo outlet and snug the worm gear clamps (8mm).

Snug one end of the coupler on either the pipe or IC and leave room for the other end to slide in.

Move the IC in the direction of the dotted arrow and place the coupler together.

I actually had to use a little PB Blaster to slide this on due to the tight coupler. It worked. Tighten the 4 LICP clamps.
Back to the UICP. Remove the clamp.
The plastic stock pipe has another 2 10mm bolts holding it down. They are under the BOV area. Remove these.
Pull the stock pipe out. Add the new coupler and the lower (inside the fender) worm gear clamp. Tighten it down well.

Note, I installed the Greddy Types before installation.

Insert the new UICP and tighten the other worm gear clamp.

Line up the rest of the pipe to the throttle body, change the TB gasket (if needed), attach to the BOV UICP with the coupler and tighten the worm gear clamps..

Tighten the 12mm bolts a little at a time and in sequence. I used the 2 stock studs and extra washers. I may go back and replace them with the bolts provided with my UICP.

If it is too tight, you may bend the new flange. DO not tighten one bolt or nut all the way down at once.

Swing the fuse box back into place. I had no clearance issues and it bolted right back into place.
Reinstall all vacuum lines, MAS and dump tube. Take it out and listen to the BOV Release air :)

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