UICP Install for the 2G

I purchased a lower Greddy IC pipe from a local list member and an upper IC pipe from lowered2perfektion. He sells them on Ebay or you can visit his site here. I had mine flanged for the Greddy Type-S. Anyway, the plastic stock BOV and piping had to go. Here are a few pics.

2 Pages of pictures to be exact.

Remove the 10mm holding down the fuse box. The arrow indicates where the other 2 bolts are located. Also, there is a plastic clip as well to remove.

Note: I removed the MAS as well to have more room.

Here I am removing the other bolts. Now you can swing the fuse box out of the way.
Remove the 10mm from the plastic UICP.
Remove the stock hoses and the vacuum line form the BOV.
If you purchased a flanged UICP as I did, remove the 12mm bolts (4) and the Throttle body elbow.
Now is a good time to wipe the TB plate or pull it off and clean it out. I did.

Remove the Stock IC cover located in the passenger fender well. 2 12mm bolts and a few plastic Phillips head screw clips.

You may access it from under the car w/o removing the cover. I had to due to the angle of the work gear clamp.

Now you can access the top coupler and worm gear bolt to loosen it from in the fender (8mm nut driver). See page 2 for the rest of the UICP. Now, on to the LICP.
Remove the Lower IC stock hose from the Turbo (8mm) and the IC.
Here is the Greddy LICP and couplers.
To get the hard pipe on, I removed the 12mm bolts from the Side mount IC. This allows you to swing it back to fit the pipe in.

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