2G AWD Suspension Install Front Continued

Finishing up the front shocks and springs.

The shock holder will slide down off of the shock downward. If it is stuck a little spray lube should help it off. Hold the shock up while doing this for clearance.
Now remove the shock assembly as the arrows show.

Compress the spring with a spring compressor and take it all apart keeping it in order. The spring compressor pictured was lousy and I strongly suggest not using it. I was very careful.

Be VERY careful doing this. DO at your own risk.

Cut about an inch off of the bumpstop. The Eibach instructions will tell you exactly how much to cut.
Picture of the cut bumpstop installed.
Picture of new spring on the new shock.

Put the new assembly in.

Line the shock up into the holder as shown. The tab should be in the middle. Once in, use the three 14mm bolts to hold the strut up from the top. Snug them down.

If it will not go down as shown, you can insert the 17MM bolt at the bottom (see 2 pics down) and lower the control arm SLOWLY on a block of wood. This will press it in.

Tighten the middle 14mm nut to the Tokico specs.

Insert the bottom 17mm bolt and nut and tighten it down.


Tighten the bolt as shown to secure the shock into place.
Now the to reinsert the sway bar link. Take a jack handle and press down or up (doing this FAQ off the top of my head) to align it with the hole.
Get it in the hole and tighten the link bolt into the shock holder using the same method seen here.
Finished. Now off to the rear of the car.

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