2G AWD Suspension Install

This covers installing Tokico Illuminas and Eibach Pro-Kit. Also, I show the RRE rear camber kit install. I did not go into doing the spring compression in detail. See my 1G Shocks pages for that.

3 pages total.


Remove the 14mm nuts.

Loosen the 14mm strut bolt but do not remove it.

BTW, I tried to remove it and raised the car up to decompress the spring and it did not work. Not enough room with the 2G setup to pull the shock. I had to relower it and put the nut on.

Jack the car up and put it securely on jack stands. Remove the wheel.

Pictures of what needs to be removed.

Sway bar link to shock tower.

Lower control arm bolt.
Shock holder.
Remove the shock holder first (17mm). I suggest a little PB Blaster.

Next remove the sway bar link.

Here is the deal. Some have a nut in back to hold the bolt from turning. Mine had the dreaded Allen hex setup. I sprayed it down with PB Blaster and held it in place with a hex bit. Using a 14mm wrench I gently removed the nut.

See bottom of page for the sway bar link part number and "what if it strips" pictures. I stripped the inside (hex part) on the passenger side.

Assuming the nut comes off, tap out the sway bar link. It helps to pry downward on the sway bar while doing it with a long pipe or jack handle.
Loosen the 17mm lower control bolt and nut. Remove the bolt.

With the bolt removed the shock holder can come down.

See next page.

Here is the sway bar link from Mitsubishi. Note: it does NOT have the hex setup. This one has a 14mm nut in the back to hold the bolt. What a great idea.
I took a dremel with a cutting disc and cut off the old rusty stuck nut.
Right down the center. Dotted line shows the cut. I peeled it off with a screwdriver and repeated the whole process for the sway bar side.
Put the link in the sway bar first and tighten it to spec. Here I show the new link with the 14mm wrench to hold the bolt from turning :).