2G MAS Upgrade

This is the first thing I did to the car. I took care of a lot in the first week :)

Optional: Remove the hose from the BOV.

(Note: you would do this to change the stock filter as well) Starting from the right, snap loose the 4 clips on the air box, Unplug the MAS plug (middle arrow) and loosen the band clamp (dotted arrow).

Remove the Mass Air Sensor and top of the box.

Now would be a good time to do the BOV dump mod.

Remove the three 10 mm bolts that hold the box to the car.
If not using an aftermarket filter replacement, you may want to cut the snorkel out of the box to let more air in. The arrow shows how restrictive the snorkel is. You can see where I cut the box.
Remove the four 10 mm nuts to remove the MAS from the box. Remove upper air box.
Bolt on the new adapter plate.
Place the new filter over the adapter plate and put the filter on. Snug the worm gear clamp.
Put it all back together and listen to the air getting sucked in. I am making a bracket to hold it in place, but waiting for a hard intake pipe first. I may add it anyway.
Another shot.

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